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What exciting have we done again in a few months? Good and very relevant question!


In August, Piret Jeedas from MTÜ Ruumiloomine went to talk to us about inclusive management. We started by learning what this involvement is all about, but we also learned in the group the importance of the first moment and moving to a common wave. Perhaps one of the most important places to learn was the art of listening, or how to understand another person and listen deeply. Piret made us think about how much we often have to say, but how little we sometimes want to listen to others. And the same goes for asking questions - the more we ask open-ended, exploratory and forward-looking questions, the more likely we are to get a meaningful answer and convey the other party's ideas nicely.

What we can take from this is that we are all equal and the experience and opinion of all of us actually matters the same. We want to create more opportunities for co-creation and dialogue; we want all members to have the courage to pass on the message of our organization and no one feels that they are not involved in passing on that message. Here it is also appropriate to present the grain of wisdom that we received from the training:

"If it concerns us, it should not be done without us" - Tim Merry

Thanks to Piret for this interesting and eye-opening training!

                     And also a picture of our thoughts in the inclusive management training!

Development plan

We have been working on the development plan since April. We have set great focuses and milestones to achieve these focuses, but we have also been planning our activities for the next five years every month. How did we get there you ask? Still hard work and effort!

During June, July and August, we met with partners, gathering input from our members as well as other stakeholders (eg teachers, mental health professionals). We tried to understand how we are seen and what role ENVTL should play in society. We have met DD Stratlab several times on countless computers, under whose authority we have formulated four focuses that we will pursue in the organization for the next five years:

     Strategic implementation and outreach of expertise. Youth-to-youth outreach (both in the form of lectures on mental health in general and the sharing of experience stories more narrowly) is one of the main areas of activity for us. We want Estonian young people to be aware of the problems of mental health, but even more so of their prevention and how they can be successfully overcome. To do this, we take it and develop a plan on how to do it all strategically!

        Purposeful action. We will have many extremely interesting offers; no wonder then that our focus from time to time wants to go! So we have set ourselves the goal of making a little more specific action plans each year so that we can better coordinate our resources into those activities that are useful and necessary for our organization.

        Development of advocacy capacity. So far, we have been a little quieter in the field of advocacy, but we want to develop this capability. We want to have a say in shaping mental health policy and stand up for the rights and views of young people.

 Developing organizational culture. As the Estonian Youth Mental Health Movement is also a community for young people, we also want to maintain and improve it. We want the youth movement to be a place to make friends and share thoughts and feelings about mental health and related worries and joys.

The Active Citizens' Fund has helped us to implement inclusive management training and the development plan. Funded by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, the Active Citizens' Fund supports organizations to reduce economic and social inequalities in Central and Southern Europe as well as in the Baltics. The Estonian Youth Mental Health Movement has received funding for the project “Strategic Involvement of Young People in the Mental Health Movement”.

"Together greenstrong and inclusive For Europe. "


In August we had a workshop on the subject of inclusive management. We learned to value active listening and exploratory questioning. We also now know about the importance of getting in the right headspace / mindset through a ritual at the beginning of our meeting. 

The past few months have been very busy as we've been compiling a development plan for the next five years. Our 4 main goals for the following years are: (1) to strategically implement our youngsters who talk about their own experiences and about mental health related subjects in general; (2) acting goal-based; (3) developing the capacity of advocacy; and (4) developing the inner culture of the organization. To achieve all four goals, we will compile a plan of action at the beginning of each calendar year and mark specific actions that support the bigger goals.

“Working together for a greencompetitive and inclusive Europe ”

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