As a member, you can get involved in our activities in several ways:

1. Young people who want to do something to promote mental health (eg campaigns, youth-to-youth outreach, sharing experiences and much more) can get involved in our on the border of activism.

2. Young people who feel that they currently need like-minded people and a supportive group to maintain and restore their health can community track to go. There we offer noise therapies, supportive discussion groups, experience counseling and support in our secret and closed Facebook group or web nest *.

3. As a supporting member (from the age of 30), it is possible to contribute to our activities on the support track. It is also possible to join this track earlier if you wish. On the path of support, it is possible to support our members with advice and strength (for example, through co- and supervision or coaching), but also according to their strengths and competencies.


                                       The figure below opens up the possibilities of our different membership paths in more detail. 🙂


We are especially happy if you can keep up with us by joining us welcome interview. This does not necessarily mean a conversation in real life or on the Internet, but can also be a correspondence in which you can express your wishes, expectations and needs. This way we also get a better understanding of you and can guide you to the path that is best for you!


* The web site is not only for members on the community track; it includes the majority of the members of the organization (including supporting members who wish to do so). 

PS! Membership trails are one way to get involved. However, this does not mean that you need to put yourself on the track at all!