You should seek help as soon as the first signs of change begin to appear - for example, in eating, sleep, energy, feelings or thoughts, but also in relationships, at work and at school. Early reversal helps prevent the problem from getting worse. However, if your symptoms are already interfering with your daily life, you should see a family doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist as soon as possible. Seek help immediately if there are suicidal thoughts or plans!

If it is not possible to contact a specialist at home, you can get help youth mental health portal There you will find comprehensive information on various mental health problems, support options and recovery. There are also plenty of tricks for self-help and loved ones support, mental health tests, worksheets and more.

Online counseling

E-counseling deserves a special mention, where when writing about your or your loved one's concerns, you can get advice from a mental health specialist in just a few days. By clicking on the icon, you will find reliable online counseling options

Office consulting

Young people aged 16-26 can turn to mental health counseling at the office at Maneeži 3, Tallinn. The applicant is offered the opportunity for up to three individual counseling meetings and, if appropriate, for longer group counseling.

Which specialist to turn to?

To turn to for help, the General Affairs has also put together the ABC of seeking help

Loved ones have problems?

What if a friend, acquaintance, or family member says he or she has suicidal thoughts?