We have been operating as an independent NGO since the last days of 2017.

You will find our 2018 annual report from here. The financial report for 2019 is located here.

The statutes are located here.

In our activities, we follow the Code of Ethics of Non-Governmental Organizations, which can be found from here.

What do we do?

  • We create a safe, encouraging and inspiring environment at events and in the online nest for our members.
  • We share experience stories - experience stories are stories that tell about experiences and struggles and how to get out of a situation. They aim to raise awareness and encourage people to seek help for their concerns. The experience stories of our members are mostly related to mental health struggles.
  • Lectures on mental health with members of the Estonian Medical Students' Association and psychology students. In the lectures we cover various mental disorders, stigma, ways to seek help and maintaining mental health. You can read more from here.
  • In the field of interest protection, we are engaged in the development of state mental health policy. Our goal is targeted state management of the prevention and treatment of mental health problems, and in order to achieve this, we cooperate with ministries, state agencies, local governments and several partner organizations.
  • Collaborate with the team to unite the strengths and thoughts of professionals and young people themselves to promote the mental health of young people.
  • In addition, we discuss mental health and the views of young people at public events, programs, podcasts and webinars.

What about yourself?

We create world conquest plans, play board games, hold spontaneous rash and animal therapy meetings and creative writing evenings. Basically, we just enjoy being with like-minded people.

Ongoing projects:

Mental health lectures with EAÜS

“Mölaterapia” or meetings in Tallinn and Tartu